Free guided tours in Merida

Guided tours of Plaza Grande in English in Merida

I could hardly believe how many free activities were offered in Mérida! On top of the free live music concerts in the evening, free guided tours of Plaza Grande are offered every morning (except on Sundays) at 9:30 am. They make for a wonderful introduction to the city since Plaza Grande was largely built over the former Mayan city of Tho. Several of the most important buildings in the city were therefore built around it, starting of course with the Cathedral and Palacio Montejo, built for the family of Spanish conquistadors who founded the city in 1542, the Palacio de Gobierno (State House) and the Palacio Municipal (City Hall). Our guide spoke excellent English, he obviously had a lot of knowledge about Mérida’s rich history and seemed to enjoy sharing it with visitors. You can sign up for this free 2h walking tour at the visitor center located at the Palacio Municipal.

Lo fascinante de nuestra Catedral está en el techo, es sus espléndidas bóvedas.